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Well, I'm coming out of mourning at the BONEHEADED play of the Longhorns this weekend.

Watching Les "The Mad Hatter" Miles do his... thing... made me feel a bit better.

How about 'Bama woodshedding Florida? Wow.

NFL was crazy. Good teams fell flat, and bad teams are getting better. I guess that is why we watch.

A total of eight teams have voted for decertification of the Players Union, now. I can get the teams listed if anyone is interested.

Much of the discussion around here is what Mack Brown should do to right the ship, the Nebraska game in two weeks should be telling.
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From SI.com

The Bengals had their vote, and unanimously chose to decertify the union if there is no CBA in place by next year.
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Well, this has been the biggest fail of the Mack Brown era. Will be a fun week of listening to the suicidal fans on the radio this week.

I knew they were overrated, but they have looked bad.

OMG! Another turnover! Wow. Hey, at least we don't have to watch the offense anymore.
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Just got done watching Houston - Washington, the first good game I got to see all weekend. The college games that I got to see were all blowouts or slop-fests (looking at you, Longhorns).

The Cowboys game was a mess. I only got to see parts of Miami - Minnesota.

But, finally, a tight, exciting ending. I didn't expect it to be that way after it went to 27-10; but, Houston kept plugging away.

Anyway, feel sorry for Detroit going 0-2; at least they are fighting in every games so far.

The Jason Campbell era comes to a predictable end. And, sad to say, it looks like the Vince Young era may too be ending. Cutler has turned out to the best of that QB class, he really looked it today against Dallas.

Speaking of Dallas and endings - pretty sure we are now seeing the end-game of the Phillips-Garrett regime. Jerry has done a decent job getting players, the coaches have not done well with them. So, Jerry: I believe that you can draft well, wheel and deal the free agent market, and otherwise work the GM thing. Please take the next step as a GM and get a real freaking coach!

You let Parcell's coaches go to New Orleans and Miami, suck it up and figure out what he saw in them that you didn't.


Sep. 14th, 2010 09:17 pm
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I saw a little blurb that the Saints players voted to decertify the players union if there is no CBA in place by X date. The rest of the teams are expected to follow in the weeks to come.

The "plan" would to then sue the NFL for anti-trust activity if the owners attempt a lockout. Since there is no union and no CBA, the owners would have to play under rules they are unfamiliar with.

Now, it was an exciting weekend of football, but I expected to read more about this. I can't find hardly anything.

Did I imagine this news item?
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Wow. Just, wow.

That Jets' offense was astonishing. I know the Raven's defense is amazing, but that was a clinic on futile offense.

On the plus side, watching that made me feel a lot better about the Cowboys game, yesterday.

*grumble* *grumble* Alex Barron *Gggrrrr*

How about that Jets receiver running to the side line on 4th down half-a-yard short of the first-down marker. Wonder how many F-Bomb's Rex Ryan is going to unload on them this week?

Too sleepy to watch the double header.


Sep. 13th, 2010 09:21 pm
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Looking at the interests search, I know there aren't a whole lot of (American) football fans here; but, watching at least one game each day this weekend has me really excited about this season.

This is an open community, with no age restrictions. So, please keep it relatively clean. Hopefully, we can all take a little good-natured ribbing - but keep it good natured.

I'm from Austin, Texas. Yes, a Longhorn, Cowboys, and Texans fan. Old enough to have been an Oilers fan, and so I still have some love for the Titans.

Not a lot of teams I hate - except for Oklahoma - though the Jets are working on it.


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